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August 6 Lineup


4:00-4:45 Brian Weiland w/ son Aiden @Bowl and Board

4:30-5:15 Tobey Sol LaRoche @Mocha Motts

5:00-5:45 David Wolff @Linden Tree Park

5:30-6:15 Rob Lytle @Stark Park

6:00-6:45 John O'Toole @MV Made

6:30-7:15 Robert Hanjian @Fish MV (next to Waterside)


6:00-7:30 The Flying Elbows

7:30-8:00 Island Theater Workshop

8:00-9:30 Dock Dance Band

9:00-11:00 DJ Red I Jedi, Silent Disco sponsored by Pathways Arts


6:15-7:00 Michael Haydn inside @Island Music

4:00-5:30 Chrysal Parrot inside @Stina Sayre

4:00-7:00 David Soltz @Garde East

Music Bios

Brian Weiland w/ Aiden Weiland

Straight up Irish music, with acoustic guitar, violin, and vocal.

Tobey Sol LaRoche

Tobey was raised in a household surrounded by instruments from across the globe. He became fascinated with many of them, however the djembe called to him at an early age. A love of rhythm and percussion eventually led him to join the nine-piece, horn-driven, New World Funk powerhouse, Shokazoba, based out of Western MA. While this group has kept him busy for years, getting folks dancing at venues all over New England, much of his free time has been spent composing his own original songs on his other love, the guitar.


Tobey’s music, which certainly embraces syncopation and unconventional rhythmic elements, takes a more subtle approach, as he weaves soaring melodies in between tastefully finger-plucked or strummed guitar lines. His songs attempt to explore the complexities of love and loss, while breathing hope into every tale he tells. He is a lover of life and humanity, and believes deeply that music serves to guide us all in our collective search for meaning and purpose. Every lesson learned deserves to be shared, as we are all on this journey together.

David Wolff

David has been finger picking since the age of 15.  That was when he heard his first Hot Tuna album and decided he had to learn how to make music himself. It was the music and style of playing of Rock and Roll Hall of famer Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna fame that snagged his soul. Fast forward many years and David finds himself teaching alongside Jorma Kaukonen and his own workshops at Jorma’s Fur Peace Ranch. 

Rob Lytle

Rob Lytle has been described as a “song-writer’s songwriter” and a one of the most compelling voices on the contemporary acoustic/songwriter scene. Allan Cackatt of Maverick Music Magazine described Rob’s 2011 CD You. Must. Stop as “the musical equivalent of a previously undiscovered Gainsborough” and raved that it was “one of those all-too-rare albums where every track is a standout.”

John O'Toole

John O’Toole picked up his first guitar when he was about 7 years old, and hasn’t stopped playing since.

O’Toole is an Island music man; he loves to play songs that surprise people, and maybe even bring some folks back to some of their fondest memories, with a Steely Dan hit or some tracks from the Police.

Robert Hanjian

Robert is a roots rock guitarist and vocalist that plays covers and originals. He is influenced by J.J. Cale, Gram Parsons and other "alternative" blues and country musicians.

Flying Elbows

Flying Elbows have been playing old timey and jug band music on the island for eons. A 4 piece string band w/ vocals, featuring Nancy Jephcote on fiddle, Tom Hodgson on guitar, Brian Weiland on mandolin/percussion, and Paul Thurlow on bass.

Island Theater Workshop

Island Theatre Workshop offers a sneak peek of its upcoming original Musical Revue, Broadway in the Park

Dock Dance Band

"On a recent Tuesday night, as twilight slowly rolled out across the harbor, and one by one the waterfront houses began to flick on their lights, the high-spirited legions of the Island’s young nightlife community began to pour onto the dock." -Dancing on the Dock of the Bay, Will Sennott. Featuring John Stanwood on guitar and vocals, Niko Ewing on guitar, Alex Karalekas on bass, Jamie Green on drums, and Rose Guerin on backup vocals, the band plays rock and roll classics new and old, with a mix of originals.

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