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Photos by Lauren Miller with the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


On Beach Street Extension

We're shaking things up this year and creating a whole new Art Market on Beach Street Extension!

Closed to pedestrians only, and taking place 10-2pm we are accepting applications for artist vendors now through May 1st!

Priority given to artists who can join us all season long.


Open to artists and non-profits

In Owen Park we are celebrating our local community with non-profits and family-friendly, activity-oriented vendors.

Taking place from 5-7pm alongside the food trucks, live music, and other activities!

Apply for one month, or an entire season!

Applications open year round.

Before applying, please read the 2024 First Fridays Guidelines HERE.

As we are expanding our event each year, we want to make sure everything is done safely and with kindness towards everyone involved.  Thank you for growing with us since 2016.

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